Before we start I need to say that I don’t claim that I’m good at writing, actually English is my third language, the idea behind this post is to give you an idea why you and I should start improving our Writing skill 😀, after that being said let’s get started.

Recently I was listening to Jason Fried in the chase Jaris podcast, for you who doesn’t know Json Fried he is the chief executive officer of Basecamp, in this podcast Jason mentioned how basecamp hire and it was mind-blowing for me, the first criteria they see in a candidate…

Infinite scrolling is a feature that you can see in a lot of modern apps(Facebook, Tweeter, Reddit, etc…), every time the list data in your app gets bigger you will need to add this feature to optimize your list performance.

So In this article, we’ll implement the infinite scrolling using apollo hooks

Note: I expect that you already have a react-native project initialized with apollo client, also I’ll be using the GitHub Graphql API as an endpoint to display a list of repositories, please also make sure to create a personal access token here and attach it in the apollo…

One of the most challenging things in react-native is choosing the right navigation, and that’s because Facebook use a native navigation system (a native app that has some RN views). So this will lead us to the two most popular navigation solutions react-native-navigation by Wix and react-navigation by Airbnb. and of course, as mentioned in the title we’ll be using react-native-navigation. To see the difference between the two solutions check out choose the right native navigation.

First What is Navigation?

Before we start let’s first talk about navigation and the problem we are trying to solve. Basically navigation it’s a crucial part of the…

I love making todo apps when I want to learn a new concept. So in this article, I’ll show you how to build a simple todo app using react hooks.

If you’re wondering what is hooks. Hooks are a new way of building stateful components without using classes to understand more watch this talk, sounds awesome right?. So let’s get started

One thing to mention is that hooks are still in the alpha version of react

Getting Started

 react-native init RNHooksTodo

after initializing the project let’s add hooks. …

In this article we will use a human readable URL instead of id’s , so instead of having an awful url like http://localhost:3000/articles/114 wouldn’t http://localhost:3000/articles/114-creating-slug-urls-in-rails-without-gems be better ? So

First add slug to the table

> rails generate migration AddSlugToArticles slug:string

run the migration

> rake db:migrate

Next create a method to generate the slug

#app/model/article.rbclass Article < ApplicationRecord privatedef set_slug
self.slug = title.to_s.parameterize

The parameterize method replace the special characters with hyphens

> "Creating slug URLs in Rails without gems".to_s.parameterize
=> "creating-slug-urls-in-rails-without-gems"

Then ensure that set_slug is called in create and update by adding

#app/model/article.rbclass Article < ApplicationRecord
after_validation :set_slug, only: [:create, :update]

If you…

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